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Pictured with his GREEN THUNDERBIRD... that he has restored!...MICK...purchased "4" G'DAY MATE Gift&Cards ( 2 Pine + 2 Lemon) ...He + 3 Beautiful Daughters can now  "Offsett their Vehicle Carbon Emissions" …🤠thanks Mate from WOODY! 

Modbury,South Australia


Pictured with beautiful Colours! LORETTA ...wanted to Support our Climate Change Target!....and spread the word to family + Friends + Give some as Gifts...🤠thanks Mate from Woody!

Golden Grove, South Australia


"Great Blokes"...( Dad & Son...working hard together on renovating their House and Garden) ...Product quality is top-notch. Shipping is fast. Customer service is AMAZING. I honestly can't recommend them enough...🤠thanks fellas!

Chris & Son
Modbury, South Australia


Supporter/Members...its in our hands for PEOPLE, PLANTING, POWER!

Lovely gift products. Great price and fast delivery. No hassle shopping. *Give a Gift that keeps on Giving!...supports Native Habitat, Environment & Future Generations of all living beings...and our future Eco System will definitely be coming back...Healthier!

...🤠thanks Mate👍

Wynn Vale, South Australia

Why Choose Us?

Since 2011...Woody has gone Door to Door....in our City and Country Suburbs (A modern day...WALKABOUT if you like!) and walked probably a distance of Adelaide to Darwin ...speaking to People about "Carbon Emission's Offset"... Today!...for Future Generation's ...Tomorrow!

WHY...because he has a Bucket List of things to do while he is here...on Planet Earth...

1.He loves his  Children (2Girls+1Boy) and wants to leave a Legacy to them and future Generations to come!

2.A heart felt "Tribute" to his younger Brother🌞DARREN💢 (our AMBASSADOR for Charity & Fundraising)... who struggled and passed away from Leukaemia... when they were only Children! (see...Darrens picture in our Logo... "He is the Sun and it's Life Giving Ray's of Sunshine... for future Generation's of all living Beings on our beautiful Planet Earth :)

3.Put his talents of Creation to a specific Business Goal and Product that will benefit all of us... every living being for our PLANTS,PLANET&PATIENTS!

Plus...as he is older now and more settled in his beliefs... he believes that their is a real threat to our lifestyle as the Population of Humans is in the Billions and Water Shortages, Growing Food, repairing our ECO SYSTEM have become real threats...there is always another problem to tackle...but...he has decided that being this is our only Home at the moment...let's fix our Backyard... our PLANET EARTH!

WOODY says...

As an Aussie/Larrikin/Dad growing up in Australia... (our "Lucky Country" Down-Under) ...we have been protected from Wars and Conflicts around the Planet ( unless You were in the Forces)... the hidden enemy is Now... rising temperatures and droughts... that have been so erratic... farmers and producers are experiencing Changes that have either Shortened their Seasons or  made them Later, Longer etc...People I have spoken too over the years are just as confused with some People on the fence of what we should do...Personally until their is a Machine that takes Carbon out of our Atmosphere and runs on Air or Water...the best solution at the moment is to "Plant some Tree's"...all over the Planet- Mother Nature can fix this with our Help!

* EXAMPLE...Why Not Grow Your Own...Christmas Tree in a Pot?...leave it outside for 50 weeks of the year and give it a spray with water to clean it... then bring it inside by a window of Natural light for 2 week's before Christmas Day and Decorate the Tree ( a living ,breathing, family tree) NOT PLASTIC + NOT CHOPPED DOWN!

*I know that we have a lifestyle that is comfortable...Processed Food, Plastic Containers all the luxurys we want at our finger tips...we may Not be able to currently replace all of this...But... steps are happening "Now" to Change things for the Better... in the future...Organic Product  Solutions are a Great Step in the right direction imagine how much waste we can put back to use...

And...finally I believe in the "Spirit" inside of me... call it a Gut feeling...if You like!... But... we all have this life to make our own decisions... and this is Mine! (see "Background Epiphany Picture" BEHIND THIS TEXT- Burning Crosses + BODY with Crown of thorns being Lifted Up by 3x Sky Ropes) *This happened to me in Gawler S.A January 2017...those of You who have had an experience like this will know what I mean...*It felt like...a Blessing was given to Me and P,P&P..🙏 thankyou,thankyou,thankyou💢SPIRIT

*Thanks for taking the time to read my message...One good thing that has come out of this COVID19 dilemma... is it has Reduced the "Carbon Output"  of Emissions around our Planet:)...if only for a brief time...:(   

...regards WOODY!        

God Bless💢🌏🌞🌱👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🚮♻️

About Us

Peter Woodforde (WOODY)

store owner

Ok...I am a Proud Aussie Bloke...who created PLANTS,PLANET&PATIENTS... because I had reached an age when it was time to put all my thoughts and passions into something that... when I got out of bed each day...would excite Me and was Bigger than anything I could possibly "Dream to Achieve"!

A Wallaroo S.A Bloke..who grew up on a Farm over looking Wallaroo Bay and helped out with farming and taking care of feeding the Animals( some of them Native e.g Kangaroo's ,Birds etc...) ...in my Teen's and 20's played Polocrosse on Horse Back and would take out Trail Rides for beginner's on the Family Farm!

SKIP...is a Wallaroo Kangaroo (Puppet) he is my "YouTube Mate" who makes clicking sounds when he talks...Skips role is to tell all of Us about his home in the Australian Bush and what he thinks about the way our Planet is cared for... ( my role is to interpret what he is saying & the Children love him:)

I love being in the Australian Bush and still go on walks with my Children regularly!...As a younger Man I used to go on camping trips to the Flinders Ranges with family riding Horses from our Base Camp over... Mountains, through Creeks, enjoying the Outback... Bush scenery, Animals, fresh Air, feeling Nature's Energy and being a Larrikin...( just having some fun:)

So as I got older and realised that my Kids...had never done this and weren't likely to...I decided because of the Climate Changes...we may lose so much for future Generations..."it Hit home to me that"... we are so caught up in our City lives and commitments... the problems we are facing "Can get to a tipping point"...and then it may take Hundreds of years to reverse the damage that was done!... Yes I can hear people saying that it hasn't happened and it won't  happen...BUT...What if it does...Can we be sure?... Isn't  it better to do something to Make sure that doesn't  happen?...I am blessed to have some Great Children who I love and they love me back...So I decided to create my P,P&P Product Range...it has changed from living PLANTS in Pots over the Years to Native Seeds...*Alot smaller and larger volumes of PLANTS can be germinated...to reach a lot more People ...and higher Targets achieved each Year!...so currently we are focused on the 2030 Target here in Australia which has another 10 years to go (our Target each Year is 20 Million Seeds Planted)...So if You would like to become involved...we made it so "You" get a Product for Your financial $ outlay + It's Planted by "You" or Gifted  to someone!...either way ( You make it happen)... You get something Back for Your Support to the Planet + Oxygen :) * *Each of our Products has a SUPPORTER/MEMBER Sticker to recognise "Your" involvement... which the Membership cost is included in the price of each product...YOU get 1 Sticker for Your Front Door or Window and 1 Label for Offsetting Your Vehicles CO2 Emissions (by growing the Plants)...

***if You like what P,P&P is doing... Please share our link with Family & Friends! www.plantsplanetpatients.com


* If we all "Plant our Planet today"...we won't become PATIENTS...tomorrow!